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No, don't be afraid. I'm here with you!
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9th-Jun-2022 02:00 pm - Contact Post.
Here's where you can reach me:

AIM: endlesssaiko
Plurk: EndlessSaiko
Personal Livejournal: amakusa

You can also reach me by PMing this journal!
9th-Jun-2021 01:38 pm - How's my driving?
If you have any questions, comments, compliments or critiques about the way I play Rise, they go right here! I'm always open for constructive criticism, and I'm very eager to improve, so go crazy. I ask that you're specific about what you may like or dislike about the way I play her, though, because I want to know what to fix and what I'm doing right. Thank you!

Anon is on, anon screening is on, and IP logging is off! (If I lied and one of those is off/on when it shouldn't be, please tell me).
2nd-Nov-2011 08:16 pm - take 05. [action]
[Rise was...off lately. There had been so much going on lately that her mind felt a bit muddled. Of course, Mayfield was stressful by default, so, with that thought in mind, she decided to keep her head up. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, after all, right?]

A. Action- Mayfield High; Open

[Not really wanting to eat entirely alone, but not wanting to intrude on others, either, Rise can be found sitting at the end of an otherwise crowded table. If you sit with her, she'll be more than eager to talk.]

B. Action- After school, around Mayfield; Open.

[After school, Rise can be found walking home, humming to herself no song in particular. Except, with so much on her mind, she spaces out and...kind of...trips.

But, just like faltering on stage, she'll just get up, fix her skirt, and pretend like nothing happened!

...Feel free to point out to her that you did, indeed, see that.]
16th-Aug-2011 09:41 pm - take 04. [Milkfield]
[Of course Rise knew something was going to go wrong when the Milkman became the Chief of Police, and of course she knew something was off when all those posters went up. When things started becoming clear, well, they weren't bright. With some discussion among her housemates, Rise finds herself downing this really suspicious milk on two separate occasions.]

August 17 | Grade A Poison | ActionCollapse )

August 20 | Spiders | Action & PhoneCollapse )
5th-Jul-2011 11:21 pm - take 03. [Post July 4th Event]
[Yesterday had been a disaster. This event had been all too much for Rise. Not only could she feel that she was being droned, or at least partly so, but when she picked up the phone, all she heard were droned citizens. There had been a few like her that knew something was off, but she didn't trust her voice enough to say anything. She was afraid to see her friends like this, so she stuck to staying inside, in her room, fighting off those little intruding thoughts that were trying to tell her that Mayfield had always been her home.]

A. Action; 1446 Mitchell Road; Morning; Housemates

[Housemates can find Rise sitting in the living room, with a conflicted look on her face. Even with her own weird thoughts gone, she's not sure if everyone else is back to normal. She will be cautious should they speak with her.]

Phone; Afternoon; Open
[Have a very weary sounding Rise. It's very evident in her voice that she hasn't gotten a lot of sleep.]

Hello? ...Is everything back to normal now?

B. Action; All Around Mayfield; Late Afternoon; Open

[And now Rise is wandering around town. She'll probably stop a lot of people and ask them some questions casually, trying to see if the majority of the town is still left droned. She'll peer at others, trying to tell from their body language and general disposition if they're droned or not.]

C. Action; John Doe Park; Evening; Open

[Towards the end of the day, Rise settles herself on a bench at the park and just thinks. She's feeling a lot better now, so she'll just be relaxing. In with the good air, out with the bad air.]

((OOC: A.k.a. I'm just not in the right spirits for this event, so we'll just say Rise was at 25%, freaking out, and she holed herself in her room all of July 4th. Sorry about that. It's now July 5th. ))
19th-Jun-2011 09:21 am - take 02
A- Action; 1446 Mitchell Road - Morning

[You know, it's pretty dangerous to let Rise near a kitchen. It's even more dangerous if you let her cook, especially all by herself. But there she is anyway, cooking up a storm. And, get this, she's actually using a recipe this time! There's a definitely a mess, but since it's Father's Day, she's going to clean that up, too. She hums a happy tune as she sets down breakfast on the table. After all, she wants to be the very best daughter and sister she can be!

Yeah. Something definitely isn't right here.]

B- Action; All around Mayfield.

[Rise can be seen happily wandering town. Are you a guy? If so, do you want to boss a teenage girl around? Or do have chores you just don't want to do? Well, Rise's here to follow your every command!

Those who know her will realize that something is really off.]

((OOC: But, you know, if you want to make her do something really bad, contact me first. Thanks~))
12th-Jun-2011 11:13 am - take 01.
A; 1446 Mitchell Road- Morning

[A short but shrill shriek can be heard, interrupting any peace in the house that morning.

When Rise woke up in a room that wasn't hers, saying she was freaked out and confused would be an understatement. It wasn't the first time she'd woken up in a weird place, but it's not something someone gets used to. She hopes that it's some movie set or a hotel room- then she figures she would have remembered leaving Inaba to get there. Her next thought is that she was kidnapped.

Honestly, being kidnapped once had been enough for her. Frustrated, Rise gets out of bed and begins searching through the room only to find nothing was familiar to her. At all. Not even these clothes were hers! Even more confusion.

She cautiously exited the room. Though this place was clearly not her home, she didn't see any immediate danger. After creeping through the house, Rise finds herself in the living room, still very on edge.]

B; Phone- Afternoon

[After dressing, Rise figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to try using the phone. She's not entirely calm yet, and this phone isn't what she's used to, but she wants answers.]

Hello? Um, is anyone there? What's going on around here? Where is this?

[She pauses, thinking. Her thoughts keep drifting to the TV world, but they'd taken care of all that, hadn't they? She speaks again, frustrated.]

Gee, whoever did this has some nerve!
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